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Over the past year we have collaborated with established and emerging immigrant leaders and partners in the cities of Worthington, Austin, Fairbault, Litchfield, and Montevideo (among others) to engage in dialogues and actions around immigrant rights, workers’ rights, access to higher education, community organizing, power analysis, political education, and media justice work. One of the driving themes of our work is to support grater minnesota immigrant and allied communities in their struggles for justice. We strive to connect all of our voices to an immigrant led network that raises our voices on issues each immigrant community identifies. The main events have taken the shape of educational forums on immigration, raid response or “know your rights” workshops and media liaison work.


Some examples of our work include:

Worthington, Mn December 2006-January 2007

In the wake of terrorizing and discriminatory ICE raids against the unionized Swift workers, MIFN staff and volunteers first organized with Latino Communications Network to begin a radio-athon food drive for the affected families. We then moved our staff for 10 days to work with Worthington’s UFWC Local 1161, helping provide direct support to other community organizations and families affected but the raid at the meatpacking plant. We helped reporters connect to stories, translated and distributed seven tons of food (donated from the Twin Cities) with other allies and volunteers. A community healing gathering was organized in collaboration with the NCIC and the other groups. Work with Worthington community continues today to build long-term communications infrastructure and worker leadership.



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  1. Please send letters to the editor to http://www.albertleatribune.com to counteract the weekly anti-immigration letters we get from around the country. There are statewide leaders in Albert Lea who are pushing people to write to congressmen to pass the SAVE Act, reduce annual immigration to 200,000, deport all undocumented immigrants, and take away U.S. citizenship for children born of undocumented immigrants. Local people do not have enough information to counter these negative actions. Thanks for your help.

    Posted by L. T. Fries | August 13, 2008, 5:16 am

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